Project 798 Artists
Chen Wenbo
Feng Zhengjie
Gao Brothers
He Yunchang
Hong Hao
Huang Rui
Li Songsong
Liu Fei
Liu Xiaodong
Wang Qingsong
Yan Lei
Yu Hong
Zhang Xiaogang
Zhang Xiaotao
Project 798 - New Art In New China: A Documentary by Lucius C. Kuert

He Yunchang

Recognized as China's leading performance artist, He Yunchang has created
a number of cutting-edge solo performances, during which he pushes physical
endurance to the extreme.

Memorable examples include 'Casting' during which the artist was encased in
a concrete block for 24 hours and 'Eyesight Test' in which he fixed his eyes on
10'000W of light for 60 minutes.
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