Project 798 Synopsis
Technical Specifications
Project 798 - New Art In New China: A Documentary by Lucius C. Kuert

The movie documents two historical events at their culmination: the '798' Art District
and the revolution in Chinese art under an oppressive regime which gave birth to a
new current of free thought. Thanks to Lucius C. Kuert, what happened here will be
remembered forever! - HUANG RUI - Founder of '798'

'Project 798 - New Art In New China' is an exciting journey into the universe of Chinese
Contemporary Art which is striving to define its own identity in a China still captivated
by the West.
LUISA PRUDENTINO - Leading Expert on Chinese Culture and Cinema

An engaging and innovative film, documenting the phenomenon of Chinese
Contemporary Art through a number of fragments. Congratulations to the director!
ZHANG XIAOTAO - Internationally Renowned Chinese Artist

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